Track list:


Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)

Sei cavatine op.39

1. Par che di giubilo (1:49)

2. Confuso, smarrito (1:23)

3. Alle mie tante lagrime (3:40)

4. Ah! Non dir che non t’adoro (2:31)

5.Ch’io sent’amor per femmine (2:44)

6. Già presso al termine (3:07)

Sei ariette op.95

7. Ombre amene (2:52)

8. Fra tutte le pene (2:10)

9. Quando sarà quel dì (2:00)

10. Le dimore amor non ama (3:10)

11. Ad altro laccio (2:17)

12. Di due bell’anime (2:32)

Fernando Sor (1778-1839)

13. Mis descuidados ojos (5:12)

14. Las mujeres y cuerdas (1:10)

15 Si dices que mis ojos (1:26)

16 Las Quejas de Maruja (3:53)

"The delightful coloratura singing of Claudia Álvarez Calderón has now been combined with Simon Dunbavand's subtle and beautiful organ playing, in an album of recordings made at St Andrew's Church in Paignton in November this year. Simon's organ accompaniment provides a very gentle festive atmosphere while Claudia's singing is as spectacular and moving as ever." Luch Caise-Dearg, Phonic FM

Christmas Spirit CD

The music of “Christmas Spirit” ranges from the medieval period to the 19th century and it is a musical journey of European Christmas and sacred songs in Latin, English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

Recording this music was a very spiritual experience in itself. We chose to record the album in a live setting at St Andrew's Church in Paignton, which has one of the Westcountry's finest pipe organs. The architectural features and form of the church create an atmosphere and acoustics that give the music a unique and quite extraordinary sound which can't be replicated in a studio. This music was, after all, intended to be sung in a marvellous building like this one.

I hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed singing for it.

Track list:

  1. A child is born – Plainchant, harmony by T. Marier (1:44)

  2. Mariä Wiegenlied – M. Reger (2:24)

  3. Ave Maria, D.839, Op.52, No.6 – F.Schubert (4:40)

  4. Ave Maria – J.S Bach / C. Gounod (3:02)

  5. Salve Maria – S. Mercadante (6:47)

  6. A noble flower of Juda (Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen) – harmony by M. Praetorius (3:50)

  7. Los peces en el río – traditional villancico(2:29)

  8. Tu scendi dalle stelle – A.M Liguori (2:15)

  9. Angels we have heard on High (Les anges dans nos campagnes) – E. Barnes (3:26)

  10. Silent night (Stille Nacht, Noche de paz) – F.X Gruber (2:57)

  11. O holy night (Cantique de Noël) – A. Adam (7:20)



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